Simone Ricart

LOVE, DREAM, NEED. These are the three levels of emotion on which the naturalized Italian designer, Simone Ricart, has based her life philosophy. Born in 1959 in Bonn, where her father was ambassador for the Dominican Republic, at the age of five they returned to the Caribbean where she spent her adolescent years. She went to high school in New York in the late 70’s, enjoying the new born Soho and the evenings at Studio 54. But her real dream was Europe, where she arrived in 1980. She came to Italy, to Florence, where she went to study art at Palazzo Spinelli. Living in privileged art surroundings, first as a student at Mrs. Vagnetti ‘s home, wife of well known painter of the “19th Century” movement. Later she moved into the beautiful family home of futurist artist Thayaht in the hills of Florence. Florence and its artistic atmosphere was a permanent influence in her life.Now she lives between Hamburg, Milano and the lake of Como.”

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