Mario Ceroli

Mario Ceroli is an Italian sculptor and scenographer who was born in 1938 in the province of Chieti. When he was eight he moved with his family to Rome and here he studied at the Art Institute. After his degree, he won the prize for the young sculptures at the Galleria Nazionale d’arte Moderna in Rome, in 1958. Since this moment his career officially started. He experimented with many materials, such as glass, ice, but his favorite one was the wood. As he stated, the wood is the only material that gives the possibility to the artist to see his ideas immediately realized. With this medium he created sculptures, big environments, the setting of theatrical shows, big sculptures en plein air. In any case, there is a continuous dialogue between creation and space, his works are a triumph of geometries, marquetries and wonderful manufacturing. In his artworks often there are references or homages to the masters of art, as Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Goya and Giorgio De Chirico.

Exactly to the latter is dedicated the series “Mobili nella Valle”, of 1965, a three-dimensional transposition of the painting by Giorgio De Chirico. This series of furnitures are the perfect union of reality and fiction: the functionality of the object is in contraposition to the unusual shapes.
In the summer of 1966, the Biennial of Venice awarded him with a prize for Cassa Sistina that allowed him to start the experimentation with environment works. Then he moved to Usa where he lived for three years. Here he exhibited in many galleries, as for example in the Benino Gallery of New York in 1967. Once he came back to Italy, Ceroli became closer to the Arte Povera movement, by experimenting burn wood, plastic, bricks and fabrics. He realized also many monumental installations, as for example the emblematic Cavallo Alato of 1987 in Rome. Ceroli still lives and works in Rome where he has his studio, a sort of house-museum collecting more than 500 artworks.

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