Giuseppe Friscia

Giuseppe Friscia is an Italian artist who was born in Arezzo in 1954 and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. He felt from the beginning of his art practice the importance of working the painting surface with an incessant rhythm of signs, stains, brushstrokes, scratches and colors in his artworks. Among his firsts important aims we can remember the exhibition “ETOS” in Viterbo (1983), the winning of the first prize for young Umbrian Artist during an exhibition held in Todi, one personal exhibition at Galleria Ariete in Milan in 1984. Afterwards he dedicated himself to travel to France, Belgium and the Netherlands, studying closely the most important ancient and modern art works in these countries. In the following years he continued to dedicate himself to painting with commitment and critical sprit, obtaining awards from the critical and moving in full autonomy and free creativity. In the Eighties, he held a fair series of exhibitions exposing both ceramic and painting works: the “XXX Biennale di Milano”, a personal exhibition at the Mark Reutter in Zurich, the group exhibition “AD VILLAM” in Perugia and “Extra MONIA” held at the Rizziero Gallery in Teramo.
In 1990 he stayed in Berlin and frequent trips took him to Dresden, Dessau and Prague. In 1991 he was in Switzerland and stayed at the Marguerite Arp Foundation where he participated an exhibition in July. In September of the same year he was in Dissenofen am Rhein where he exhibited at the Alfred Haus by Mark Reutter. In 1992 he took part in the collective show “Le memorie del bianco” organized by Vittoria Biasi in the cities of Spoleto and Avignon. In the same year he could afford to move to New York, the city where he settled and offered him the opportunity to meet many artists and intellectuals.
Friscia studied closely the works of Mark Rothko, Barney Newman, Franz Kline, Ellsworth Kelly, Piet Mondrian. He attended the study of Mark di Suvero in Queens and he met Candida Smith, daughter of the great sculptor, who invited him to some exhibitions of her father and introduced him to M. Blum of the Blum Elman Gallery, Marcha Levine, Director of the Marlborough Gallery, Erika Kesler of the Arp Foundation of Locarno, Will Barnet and also Piero Dorazio.
Just in 1998 he came back to Italy where he died in Arezzo in 2017. Most of his artworks are owned by the Prada Foundation in Milan.